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A Bedtime Story Empty A Bedtime Story

Post by StuffedInABox on Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:06 pm

Well I wrote this as a bedtime story for a friend...so I guess it goes here. and it was over IM. haha, so that's why it's formatted the way it is...so yup. here ya go

it was a beautiful morning when the girl awoke

the sweet song of the birds drifted through the open window to bid her a good morning

she stretched her arms above her head, breathing deeply the smell of the flowers growing below her window sill

and caught the rising aroma of breakfast being made in the kitchen

another wonderful day

the day went as any other day would have gone

a trip to the market, followed by a few chores

maybe some time to relax later on...

so she set out

not noticing the eerie glow coming over the horizon behind her

strolling along by the fields alone

the same roads she had walked time and time again

humming softly to herself

creating a symphony in her head

and in the air

the world melts away

the sky fades into purples and black

the grass begins to grow

weaving itself into a glorious fabric

then unweaving again, and dancing all around her

the butterflies spout flames of green and orange

and as her masterpiece grows

her world begins to swirl faster

and faster

and still, the glow on the horizon threatens the sky...

the music of her soul begins to crescendo

the melody becomes more rapid

more fierce

time begins to speed along

the colors, the elements, begin to swirl and twist

disappearing behind a blur of color

a roar fills the air

and wings break through

slicing the sky into pieces

she feels a heat

she hears a cry

she turns

to meet fierce jaws breaking through the whirlwind of figures and color she had conjured in her mind

one small syllable leaves her lips


and she stares the beast right in the eyes

as her symphony grows ominous

and into the air she rises

on the wings of her monster

all she sees is the darkness

all she hears are the dissonant sounds

of her melody

her heart begins to race

as she realizes she is no longer safe

all she knows is fear

all she feels is loneliness

crashing in...

all all she can do is cry out

through the darkness

through the pounding sound of her song

tears begin to fall

as she can only weep

only feel the pain in knowing she may never be the same

she may never return

and as the tears roll down her cheek

and fall from her chin

they shimmer in an unseen light

like diamonds, shining through the darkness

and they splash upon the beast's back

changing black to a shining blue

the jewels change everything, drop by drop

she opens her eyes

to see a world, no longer desolate

no longer broken and shattered by the merciless beast

but restored by her tears

and as she soared through the air

on the back of this majestic creature

so saw where she had been

and smiled


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A Bedtime Story Empty Re: A Bedtime Story

Post by Broken Love on Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:14 pm

I love Smile I think you should tell more bed time stories! I love you

Broken Love
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