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Fun with big words Empty Fun with big words

Post by StuffedInABox on Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:44 pm

So i know a few of you have read this, but I love it. haha. Everybody should get a chance to read it.

We walked hand and hand through the gloaming,
Stopping under a tree, our eyes fixated on the syzygy
Of the twyndylyngs and the sun.
I peered down into those illustrious eyes
Until mine were closed in the sweet basiation,
The captivating, susurrus murmuring of her voluptuous lips.
I thought I had something.
But my friends’ floccinaucinihilipilification
Left me utterly distraught, for their words were veracious
They did not prevaricate; her love was a debacle.
So I sit in this tenebrous diner, nibbling
At the barely esculent food placed before me
Consumed in omphaloskepsis, for the exiguous world is mundane.
A crwth breaks the silence, its hypnogogic melody
Sending me into a fit of hypoprosexia.
So I absconded to bring vicissitude to this monotonous trance.
I stepped into the night, suddenly surrounded
By the stillitatious waters, and I feel the acrohypothermy
Begin to subjugate my body.
I vociferate a loquacious obloquy into the darkness
And begin to fustigate the xeric ground in front of me.
I raise my lachrymal eyes from the dirt to the sky
And resign to my destitute abode.
Had one infiltrated my solitude,
They would have found me in an illeism
And had they peered into my dreams they would have
Caught me in defenestration; that bandersnatch shall not awake.
They say I suffer from necromimesis,
But I know of my vitality and vulnerability…
No, there is something more…
So I take this palipsest and let my sprachgefuhl reign.
Some might dub it an amphigory, others proclaim it profound,
Say what you will…it may not be Jesus, but it sure will palliate the pain.

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Fun with big words Empty Re: Fun with big words

Post by torchestogether! on Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:59 pm

ha, oh goodness. good stuff.

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