Oh, how I have loved

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Oh, how I have loved Empty Oh, how I have loved

Post by StuffedInABox on Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:52 am

Oh, how I have loved.
I have walked hand in hand
Through the fields of apple,
Felt the softness of a lover’s lips,
Enjoyed the warmth
Of a woman’s skin
And lounged by the fire
In the midst of winter.
I have whispered
The sweetest words
And sang
The most apple songs.
I have loved in Mexico,
Costa Rica, Belize.
I have loved
Amongst the ruins of ancient Rome
And through the bustling streets of Tokyo.
I have seen beauty,
Shared beauty,
And yet…

Love is fleeting.
We spend our lives
Trying to catch her
Only to find out
We never come close.
I have uttered those words
Too many times.
And though I meant them,
I did not understand.
What do I know
Of love?
Perhaps I have seen the world,
Observed wonders,
Explored jungles.
Perhaps I have
Shared kisses, embraces,
And yet I am alone.
Longing still
For love’s keen touch.
Through all my chasing
I have come home empty.
So now I relinquish the chase,
For perhaps love is fleeting
Simply because we chase her.

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Oh, how I have loved Empty Re: Oh, how I have loved

Post by torchestogether! on Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:57 am

whoa bro! very good! its been a while since I've seen a David poem....

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